High schools across North America pride themselves on developing tomorrow's future leaders today. Few schools however, work with students to build leadership skills within them and allow them bring about change, sell that change, build consensus, and present their change to valued stakeholders. Last spring all three stakeholder groups within the YRHS were surveyed by in-school administration. Each of those groups listed areas within the school that needed to be addressed. The two areas that were a the top of the three groups' combined lists' were, Exemption Policy, and Moving the Smoking Area.

  1. Exemption Policy
    1. Students signed up to become part of the process of examining the Exemption Policy. The group of seven (7) students worked with two (2) YRHS staff members and school administration to bring about changes that could be lived with by both groups.
    2. The student group had to prepare a presentation for the staff and sell the changes to them. Once the presentation by the students was presented, the staff voted in favour of the two changes.
    3. The student group then presented the changes to the YRHS SCC.
    4. After gaining the approval of the school's SCC (School Community Council) the changes were put into place for Semester ll of the the 2011-2012 school year.
    5. Both changes to the exemption policy will be reviewed in the fall of 2012 before being continued for the 2012-2013 school year.

    1. YRHS Exemption Policy - (with new changes as of Semester II - January 31, 2012)
    2. YRHS Smoking Area
      1. This student group is currently meeting, and we look forward to posting their work this spring when they have reached a conclusion.