Students have five minutes to move from class to class. the first bell dismisses them from the class they have completed, and the second bell is an indication that they they are to be sitting in the seats of their next class. There will be music in the hallways during the middle three minutes between the first and second bells. therefore, music will be heard from 8:56-8:59, 10:06-10:09, 11:11-11:14, 12:16-12:19, 1:21-1:24, and 2:26-2:29. The music is an auditory cue for students to better gauge their time in-between classes and to therefore arrive to all classes on time.

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1. Prepared to Learn Contract

Students that arrive to class after the bell has run will need to have a "late slip" with them. "Late slips" are picked up from YRHS staff in the hallways. When a student hands the "late slip" to the teacher he/she records the "late arrival to class" in their Maplewood attendance system. Parents are able to contact the office within 24 hours to explain the reason for arriving to class late, such as poor road conditions, medical or dental appointment, etc.

A student who accumulates a total of "5 lates" (any combination from any period) will be required to sign a "Prepared to Learn Contract" Parent(s) will be contacted when this contract is signed.

Should a student amass another five (5) "late's to class" the student will be assigned to a "Study Hall," and exemption privileges will be removed. Every accumulation of five (5) lates will result in sixty-five (65) minutes of Study Hall. If a student fails to attend Study Hall , a suspension for, "Defiance of school rules" shall result.

2. Study Hall Rules

When students are assigned to Study Hall, they have two (2) school days to fulfill their Study Hall obligations. The following expectations are required:
- Arrive on time.
- Arrive with a lunch or already fed, time will not be permitted to leave.
- Arrive with appropriate books to study from .
- Arrive with an attitude that is conducive to a study environment.